Because Italians Do It Better!
Worldwide Famous: Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano Di Vaio, one of the world&rsquos most successful bloggers, is closely followed by everyone who shows more or less interest in fashion. The blog, called MDVStyle, is visited by almost ten thousand people every day. Its shares on social media draw even greater attention. Mariano Di Vaio intends to prove to us why Italians are much better in fashion.

What made you want to start your own website?

It was out of necessity, I just wanted my model pictures to be online so I didn&rsquot have to send them by email all the time, then while I was living in New York I realized blogs were a big reality there and I decided to share my personal taste with people! 

What was your life like before MDV Style?

I was just a normal guy, modeling around the world, studying as well and trying to spend as much time as I could with my family.

What is the biggest misconception about Mariano Di Vaio?

Hahaha! I don&rsquot know, maybe that I&rsquom famous, I&rsquom not famous and I don&rsquot have fans. I just talk to people like my friends, not like fans.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. 

I&rsquom a really stupid. Hahaha! You didn&rsquot know it. Did you? (Laughs) No, seriously I laugh to much sometimes!

Modeling runs a bit in your past, right?

Quite a lot actually, I had the chance to see lots of different places in the world just because of this job, that is still big part of my life.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Quite a big one, it is my job and is also one of my biggest passions, which creates a nice atmosphere around it, I love it, but it is also a bit of work &ndash which you have to hate a little bit, otherwise is not work! (Laughs)

What was your first fashion experience?

I remember I was 17 years old and I got a big Job for Wella and it was really well-paid. I had long blonde hair at that point.

What would you advise the younger generation of bloggers to keep in mind?

That&rsquos a big one. Well just be yourself, what I like to see in other people&rsquos pictures is to see what they really feel wearing something and what they really think about that collection or that t-shirt or whatever.

Can you talk a little about MDV Style&rsquos mission?

My mission is to inspire people in a good or even in a bad way, which means that people may not like what I wear or the way I wear it, which will inspire that person to say, OK I don&rsquot like this way that means. I like it the other way around, so either way you help them understand what they like or what they don&rsquot like if you know what I mean&hellip

What is your creative process like when you begin a new project?

I first get as much information as I can by the client or by the brand I want to work with, then I just spend two days thinking about &ldquohow those things influence my life&rdquo and most of the time I get inspiration from my thoughts about those items or those clothes.

In your opinion what is the must have piece for this season?

I guess Flowers shoes. I don&rsquot know, I just want everything.

What&rsquos your favorite trend of the season?

For me, of course, Flowers and paisley fantasy amongst many others.

What piece are you wearing a lot right now and why?

Baggy t-shirts, I&rsquom getting back to the &ldquoSkater&rdquo look, I love it, I think it is sexy and masculine, but I also wear shirts a lot. 

What&rsquos next on your list to buy?

The Dr. Martens flower shoes.

How much vintage do you use in daily life?


Who are some of your favorite all time models and for what reason?

Oh my God, there are so many. My real icons are all actors, starting from Marlon Brando going to Johnny Depp, intriguing and interesting people with a nice story to tell &ndash not just good looking people.

What is next?

My own MDVStyle line is coming out soon, but me and my team are still working on it, and I&rsquom going to visit Africa soon for a nice voyage! I can&rsquot wait!