Concept - Artitude 2016 Spring Summer







Art & Attitude have combined to create ARTITUDE &ndash a brand new concept for an era of design where we have to stress who we are at every moment. Every task we engage in, we persevere to preserve the design, character, and strength of the message, to ensure the concept is clear. ARTITUDE is the manifestation of an awareness that links the qualities of art with the aesthetics of attitude &ndash an experiment going beyond both.


The concept deviates from every trodden path and installation with a new objectivity. With the ways of the world getting harder and international relations getting more strained, isolated activists take every opportunity to react to what they see and feel as the injustices of the economic system, and this is reshaping the map once again, making us sure the world show no sign of letting up in 2016. It&rsquos not enough to conceptualize the future anymore. We have to produce and create new attitudes for life. This is the consciousness be have arrived at.


Throughout every period, we at CLIMBER B.C. have felt need to make a more naïve, aesthetic and responsive product. As designers, we feel our items should having have an organic quality, and add something to how we act and express ourselves, touching the fabric of the whole world. We always go forward with this in mind, working with both an artistic and human approach, infusing flair into our work thanks to our experience in the experimental. We&rsquore bringing you attitude.




It may be tough, but for a whole season we have to turn a work of art into every project we touch with our hands and our minds. For a long time our sources of inspiration have been those who live differently with self-confidence. This is why we aimed to redefine humanity with our previous &ldquoNumanity&rdquo concept. This time round, we continue raising the station of humanity to another level ARTITUDE is the concept that informs our stance and our style now.


We are again looking at people who define their own living space as well as themselves, focusing on films that highlight individuality, music being produced which is more aesthetic and experimental, and words written by those with the ability to express themselves. Art does not belong in the museum. We don&rsquot go and get our ticket stamped. It pops out in front of us on the roads we travel down. We now live an artistic life and leave our trace on others&rsquo identities. It is art, not fashion which gives us attitude. Fashion is printed, but details talk, we catch details. The sensitive technology we work with allows us to do this with greater precision. We are advancing with a conscious aesthetic.


For a long time, we at CLIMBER B.C. have stressed this awareness through our words and our designs. We are a fashion house that harvests the produce of our own thoughts and ideas. It&rsquos not enough for the world that we simply design. We trust whatever is sourced from these focal points. Our awareness is what makes us different. A high quality of attire is needed for the newly conscious humanity &ndash a clash of feel-good styles.


ARTITUDE is an instruction for a new attitude to life. CLIMBER B.C. is a journey into art, design and feeling, with each item displaying unmatched quality in detail, precision and color. Our cuts offer something for those with an artistic awareness, who try to understand themselves as a piece of art work, and thus reaching a maturity in themselves. In our design products and installations we create a miracle of color, life and positive energy with a smile on our faces.





We are blind in one eye, and simply unable to cope with the reality we see in the other. Who are we, then, to appreciate the magnificent inspiration bore of this chaos in our souls? A belief has evolved from what we consume and it diminishes our hopes for humanity. Does it mean we have to give-up considering ourselves as global citizens? Is that the only way?


The world is spinning faster than it use to. The constant neurotic updates are awash all over social media sphere, our sins are shrouded behind anonymous avatars, smart phones are turning us all into the living dead and the onward march of cyborgism these advancements are beckoning is a far cry from what this technology was supposed to do: Bring us together. The result has been that we&rsquove never been closer, and at the same time, never further apart.


The changes are unrelenting. We imagine an ideal in everything we look at. But when we find the closest thing to fulfilling this in reality, a panic sets in and we leave a disaster in our wake.



Well, are you not exhausted? Crying, laughing, shouting, and expressing your emotions through emojis? Don&rsquot you feel somehow that as we venture into one of the world&rsquos most illuminating periods, we are also stumbling into the darkest of times? If you are getting fed-up with your lifestyle and the Way Things Are, you are not the only one.


Thus the head of Climber B.C.&rsquos design team, Ümit Ünal, has given the new season the term ARTITUDE. This is no coincidence. When we can&rsquot compromise our leisure, our ego sends us in a spin, and most of the time we don&rsquot even realize what a mess we&rsquove made as a result. The theme of the new season, then, duly has an artistic streak to it. Turning your attitude into an art form. Taking the most basic instinct of human nature and morphing it into untouched narratives. The time before all these sins was one of anticipation.


Fashion is never something that comes about by accident. It&rsquos an instinct. Unbridled, even unpredictable. When working on this season, the design team relied almost entirely on their instincts. As the Climber Fashion XY fashion team, we proudly present to you the products of that work in this edition. There are page-loads of game-changing fashion items, inspiration, and emotions.


Over the last several seasons we have matured, evolved, and explored new worlds. We&rsquove always refreshed our look. And now, with ARTITUDE, we&rsquove discovered something brand new yet again. Giving life, the male form, and all types of clothing items the breathe of life you desire. You were with us from the start. We&rsquove entered this phase together. It&rsquos nice to know you&rsquore joining us yet again. With every new edition we are moved by it. Life just runs away with you, doesn&rsquot it? Still, we are here. So welcome once again.