In recent years we have become more than familiar with buildings and public works aiming to achieve greater depth or height with magnificent projected visual displays. At one point, it was the technology&rsquos commercial functions that were under discussion, but little did we know that it would soon become a major artistic field. As developments in the digital art continue, the artists at the forefront are plunged into an ocean of new ideas.


But this particular development doesn&rsquot compare to any of the others. An awesome short film produced using &ldquo3D mapping&rdquo is an artistic approach to the magic of nature with a poetry of narrative that one rarely encounters. 

The &ldquoBioluminescent Forest&rdquo project combines the work of three artists from three different disciplines. German artist Tarek Mawad is well-known for his expertise in 3D art, animation and photography as well as showing an interest in projection and video art. Friedrich van Schoor is a media designer working in the area of multimedia and video art who has directed his current focus to projection mapping isine. Schoor and Mawad both work at the "3hund" collective platform. Achim &ldquoKünstler&rdquo Treu, a.k.a. UFO Hawaii, is a Berlin-born-and-based composer who generally works in film, TV and the gaming world as a designer and many examples of his works can be seen on German TV.

Three talented names came together to work on the project, culminating in a masterpiece that is inspiring in manifold ways. Bioluminescent Forest focuses on the &ldquoLucifer pigment&rdquo &ndash devilish, light-giving enzyme that appears in nature. It could be just another one of nature&rsquos miracles, but it has gained many admirers and arouses much wonder and amusement.


The organisms transform themselves, sometimes in order to camouflage and hide, and other times to attract a mate using the chemical energy that transforms into light. Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor spent over six weeks in the forest in order to watch these transformations and fit them into a four minutes film. 

The four-minute long short films aim to show the bioluminescence of various wild creatures and organisms &ndash focusing on how they glow, offering a tangible response to the question of what the forest represents. The artists, who saved and recorded every square centimeter of the transformations that took place in the areas they found in which certain creatures light up the forest to an unimaginable degree. 

Bioluminescence is a piece that focuses on these namesake bioluminescent creatures and makes full use of the audio contributions of composer and sound engineer Achim Treu to transform the display into a narrative of nature. Mushrooms, frogs, spiders webs, mossy tree trunks and a rich tapestry of plants and flowers&hellip The magic that spreads through the forest as it illuminates its own aura is enough to take the viewer&rsquos breath away. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the work is that none of the colors featured therein have been touched up or added to in post-production at all. Once the illusion was captured, the projection was then created. 

Bioluminescent Forest, having gone viral on social media platforms, has now grabbed the world&rsquos attention. The heart of nature, recording over dozens of hours in the last weeks, the pieces that come together, the greater and smaller face of the forest&hellip The work that has gone into this production will help you grasp the real energy of the forest.