Style UP Artitude 2016 Spring Summer


Style Up



by Ümit Ünal






With ARTITUDE, CLIMBER B.C. takes attitude and art aesthetic as its guiding principles. We pay attention to the details that give an item individuality in every collection. For summer 2016, we succeeded in this using different references, and various high quality fabrics.


CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos combinations bring together elegance in style with a dynamic urban aesthetic. Special fabrics designed to stress monochromatic tones, black and white details contrasting with colorful palettes and vibrant shades, and a design style which brings a breath of fresh air to the world of male fashion. Fit form jacket-pant combinations, modern, lycra shirts, thin knitted cardigans, neo-classic leather shoes, casual forms, leather and metal accessories. Every detail elegant and arty.

The CLIMBER B.C. JEANS range is dynamic, exuberant and sophisticated in style, taking high quality designed fabrics and applying a trendy color palette that guarantees something unique. The pants, in special washed effect, are available in slim, fit, regular and relaxed forms, with expert care taken in the design of every item. Everyone has their own style, and rest assured, there is something for everyone.


The BLACK CLIMBER B.C. range, this season takes to the &lsquostage&rsquo in terms of inspiration. Guaranteed to delight those who don&rsquot know the meaning of stage fright. The design focuses on style and fashion, in an uncompromising display of attitude in dozens of outfits. As usual, the collection draws most of its color from black and dark, deep tones so that it could be termed &lsquodark fashion&rsquo or &lsquodigger elitist&rsquo &ndash with a touch of the &lsquocelebrity&rsquo look. This summer is full of style and aesthetic yet again youthful, classy and dynamic. 

The washed effect on the pants gives off the air of artistry. A more slim appearance, neo-gothic style. This is a brand new synthesis of ART and ATTITUDE. A beautiful harmony, incredible designs.

Görsel &ndash 01




Black patent leather business shoes, tuxedo shirt dobby cotton woven or silk blended choices, swan neck and glass buttons with granite colors are featured in this combination. Special stone and pearlescent cuff links options offer a glamorous chicness and leather braid or silver metal combined bracelets are good match accessories. Leather bag gives an alternative sharp chicness to your travel style. Completing the look with shoes, which have special print leather or patent leather selections in dark blue, navy and black color alternatives, is a smart decision.

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Perfect summer color range with grey, white, and a hazy sky blue belongs to this composition. The most comfortable and stylish CLIMBER B.C. business brings a new balance to life style.


Light and special summer combinations designed to pair up with items from the summer range. Fit cut jacket and pants outfit made from ultrafine wool matches with white pinstripe cotton shirt or a plain white shirt options are a comfortable casual look which, completed with a soft beige and coffee tone nubuck and linen combined belt. The best look-finisher in the collection is no-doubt the grey-white suede summer shoe set that certainly brings an elegant touch to the look of the season. This special look offers a stylish, elegant, creative, and balanced combination.

Görsel &ndash 3


Neo-classic fit cotton pants are chosen for this combination. We bring classical forms with new colors and fits in minimal attitude and add together classic forms in blue dominated new colors and hazy look of suede. White details and beige contoured designed shoes show the aesthetic of the total look. In this summer combination, brown and middle dark blue detailed suede belts, all shirts and knitwear t-shirt selections will give you a different look with the privilege of CLIMBER B.C.


Blue based and white pattern printed shirts are the most important preferences for this summer. Soft cotton surfaced wide range of shirt choices rise to prominence with positive sense of light blue bases. The same blue scale gives the color of ice blue to linen surfaced single breasted jacket. Silk handkerchief offers dynamism to the look with its different pattern combinations and orange details. Mint knitted tie designed navy color cross-striped for a clean look. The blue scale has a harmonious transition among the jacket, handkerchief and the tie.

Görsel &ndash 04




This combination is an alternative look for comfortable and chic outfit. CLIMBER B.C. BUSINESS offers different details and colors that includes coral, navy, blue and white in high quality shape. You may see a little DANDY, and a dash of BOHO-CHIC. A jacquard technique designed knitted collar t-shirt brings elitist and modernity to the look. Straw shoes in coral red finish the outfit with unbelievable finesse when paired with a lighter shade of cotton pants and fit form, which designed for maximum comfort. A woven belt in marine colors is ideal leisurewear, while a dobby weave jacket in relief effect in the texture forms the perfect, eye-catching addition.

Görsel &ndash 05




CLIMBER B.C. recommends a perfect WEEKEND choice. A coat designed with microfiber materials, following a navy color scheme, with tartan stitching and layered form are an ideal item for the season. Another pairing in navy with white pinstripe cardigan belt and cuff details, matched with a white or navy t-shirt. CLIMBER B.C.&rsquos sophistication emanates from the mercerized t-shirts. The prints show artistry and a keen sense of aesthetic.


The contrast afforded by a &lsquotone in tone&rsquo mix of navy and deep blue offers a different sense of harmony in pant style. Shoes also offer a wide range of Neo-classic, fit, and modern forms for the 2016 summer season&rsquos casual footwear. Using navy, white, and grey colors in a harmony and combinations of leather, suede and special soles format give a different dynamism to weekend styles.

Görsel &ndash 06




These are the items that give our range of jeans a touch of class and sophistication, with a modern, urban feel. The jean designs are comfortable and suitable for knocking around the streets in. CLIMBER B.C. JEANS signed designs give chicness that belongs to the city life.


The special tone in tone designs of the print T-shirts hint at summery themes and looks, in an attack of color that ranges from turquoise to electric blue in a number of items. The jeans of choice are shades of white and blue for this seasonal look.


Blue suede shoes with a matching laced leather belt and metallic silver buckle. A minimalist, navy, suede bag is a great companion to any journey. Whatever the distance it can cover the mileage.


A range of microfiber jackets have been prepared to accompany the 2016 denim range, as well as a number of zip-up cardigans, ribana belts, and print, plain, and sporting items.

Görsel &ndash 07




With CLIMBER B.C. JEANS, black has a different effect. The unique white t-shirt designs look great underlined with black denim pants. The neo-gothic wash applied to these slim black denim designs gives them street-smart dynamism.


The white-soled sneakers combined with patent leather and matte leather have been designed to carry just as much finesse. Black leather rucksack, which is light, stylish, and functional, gives an ideal comfortable look. Alternatively, a grey choice in pants gives the outfit a different angle. Cut in slim fit form, the grey jeans create harmony with their simple aesthetic. Completing the whole look, don&rsquot fail to ignore the leather bracelet accessories available in this range. They give the whole outfit a fun, leisurely tone. In sum, this look gives a touch of class to those who seek the fun in life.

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This season&rsquos range includes a higher number of artificial leather jackets. These jeans feature some of the darkest tones of navy and blue, and work wonders when combined with other items in darker shading. A gentle wash, and the addition of dark shows and light contrasts are what makes these jeans distinct.


These dark items are available in slim fit and original fit, designed with thinner layers in mind especially for the 2016 summer collection. The print t-shit come in a variety of bases and graphic designs. The typography draws from our ARTITUDE theme, and what better frame than a dark navy artificial leather jacket, or if you like, a milder tone in denim. Once again, casual footwear in suede or canvas is ideal.


2016 CLIMBER B.C. JEANS expresses a unique attitude by fusing every item with a hint of this season&rsquos ARTITUDE concept.

Görsel &ndash 09


Original fit jeans designed in soft fabric with a mild wash effect. Color tones modified with a light wash and localized shadow bleach effect are available in greeny-indigo, spiced up with worn-down effect covering the surface. Plus, slim fit, carrot, relaxed fit choices are available in navy, royal blue and dusty green.


Many of these items go down extremely well with woven leather shoes, and similar belts with metal buckles, or the belt items that accompany the range,  in brown leather and navy suede.


Naval tones, like navy, black, and cobalt blue, are an ideal choice of color for the strapped leather shoes, adding an ideal degree of casualness to the look &ndash especially when accompanied by the range&rsquos all-important range of sports bags.


For a summer collection fecund in variety, these items are indispensable additions for your wardrobe.

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Fine details are pretty optional in the quality designs of CLIMBER B.C. JEANS. Countless choices have been prepared in various materials, fabrics, washes, and finishes, designed with meticulous attention to detail.


Slim fit and original fit forms are available in blue and navy tones, with various washed effects giving a different feel to each type. All are designed with flexibility, comfort, and chic in mind. The impact of the washes owes to a localized &lsquoshadow&rsquo bleaching reinforced by mechanical details.


A set of leather footwear and belts in beige and cream complete the outfits. The white-soled shoes in tobacco and saffron tones make a great casual alternative. A sturdy leather sports bag and colored strap adds a touch of dynamism that changes the outfit altogether.

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No doubt the most eye-catching feature of our new seasonal range is the white t-shirts with localized print. We&rsquove grouped these together with our shirt designs as part of a &lsquoBirds Story&rsquo sub concept, whose items incorporate various features inspired by the sky and the wings. These chic shirts feature collars, cuffs, and a slim fit design crafted with cotton, satin, and lycra.


Black, thin denim jeans are bleached in particular areas as part of the design. These anthracite and carbon colored in skinny and slim cut jeans are best finished off with a white shirt on top. The soft washed leather of the detailed coats and jackets gives the whole combination a specialty.


A set of white-soled leather or shiny shoes with sporty laces finish off the classic white-top-black-bottom is the end point of the look. A bulky leather bag with metal clips and dark matte metal buckles, along with the black leather belt available as part of the range, also make winning additions to the combination as a whole. This is the monochromatic look of the season.

Görsel &ndash 012





Black matte jacket designs in washed black leather, with a choice of metallic printed grey &ldquosupreme&rdquo t-shirt, leather sandals and metal accessory detailed black skinny fit jeans make an harmonious and all-so-summery look for 2016 summer collection. To complete your look with a plain and chic leather bag is a perfect transition in the greyscale. Young and dynamic line, Climber B.C. Black, creates a quality street look with a calm and aesthetic perception. The artistic look of the pants owes to the special washed effect, giving the whole look a slim and neo-gothic aesthetic.


Görsel &ndash 013




Leather jacket in soft washes of navy and tones of blue and caption details is a casual choice. Fine tartan stitched trousers in skinny cut, with a blue and saxe color scheme is a great example of an extension of the &lsquoBird Story&rsquo theme, especially when paired with a white shirt.


In fact the combination calls you to join the way of blue bevy. Special lyrical designs give the shirt an extra dynamic. A number of white shirt items are also available as part of the BLACK range, composed of a mix of lycra and cotton textures cut with high class and minimalistic form in mind.


Leather footwear in smart and casual style &ndash the shoe designs are composed of a mix of black, navy, and electric blue, with bulky soles in white or black. For an alternative look, slim fit cotton trousers in purple and navy, dyed with special methods, are worth a try.


Görsel &ndash 014





BLACK is all reaching out between the galaxies in other words. The special graphics featured on the t-shirts in this range are the product of an artistic endeavor, if the aim of creating a new trend using the various tones of black which creates neo-gothic and monochromatic in style.


There are a number of choices of black jeans in skinny fit with variables of shiny and black mat surfaces. Black and white soled trainers in a mix of patent leather and leather. Metal chain accessories and a thick, black leather bag designs. The whole look is the combined product of our Black Community and Black Club approach. Harmonious, high-class, effortless, and eye-catching combination give you a hidden narcissism and a chicness that you deserve.