Team Game


pictures are again photographed in Fabrika Studio in Maslak, Istanbul. At the catalog photographing, performed by a great production team accompanied by Belgian model Cesar Casier, glamour photographer Sedef Delen, and fashion adviser of Climber Umit Unal, a great variety of feelings were in the same frame under the shadows of the awesome buildings of Maslak. Excitement, fatigue, ambition, rapture, entertainment, and surely team work!













Innerview and Interview With Cesar

Cesar Casier, just 20 year old. But his talents in front of camera are without limits. We were having a coffee break at the end of a tiring day in Maslak, Istnabul, having conversation with Cesar, who came from Belgium for Climber&rsquos new winter collection with &ldquoinner voice&rdquo theme.

Can you mention yourself for us?

I am Cesar Casier. I am 20 and live in Belgium. After the preparatory study, I took theater education.  After graduating from high school, I started to work full-time and have been continuing my life as a model for about two years.

How started?

One day, while walking on a street I am asked &ldquoWould you consider becoming a model?&rdquo and found myself at my current agency Dominique Models. Actually, it was exhausting at the beginning. I had just finished the school and was running from one project to another. Then, I discovered &ldquoHey! What an exciting job!&rdquo

Being a model or only Cesar&hellip What is the difference between them?

I think the difference is that when I am in front of the camera, I am not myself anymore I get out of myself. I become someone else that I am supposed to become. A very different character...

What do you think about the &ldquoInner voice&rdquo theme?

You said the previous theme was &ldquoescape&rdquo. I think it works as the successor of the previous one. It seems pretty successful.

Can you say that you are a good listener of your inner voice?

I think, yes. I usually listen to my inner voice. I follow it, follow its steps. Does not everybody somewhat do this? I ask questions myself and expect to find an answer for them. Sometimes, listening to yourself let you rest.

Can you briefly talk about your past projects? 

I worked with big global brands, such as Dior and Armani Jeans, too. Additionally, I worked as a model at a number of fashion weeks and fashion displays. 

What is next?

Another fashion week is coming next. I think, it is in New York. I was already at a fashion week in Paris last week and in Milano too.

How do you describe yourself as a lover?

Embracing, but sometimes difficult to deal with... I can sometimes describe myself as being able to overcome everything, and sometimes as a person who likes to forward only on the path chosen by myself.

Turkey, Istanbul, and the organization... what do you think about these? 

Honestly, pretty nice. I came Turkey before for vacation and really liked it, but this is my first time in Istanbul. It is a huge and magnificent city even I could not have enough time to take a tour in it... Organization and photographing were handled pretty well and seamlessly. Everything was great.

How about your country, Belgium?

It is small, very small but carries greatly significant meanings for me. I am very happy to return back there. .

What can you say when compared the two countries? 

Here is a great and crowded country. Additionally, it has a great population. Despite these facts, I think it is very natural. In Belgium, too, there are many Turkish citizens living.

What do you think about Climber Jeans? What is your opinion about its style?

At first glance, I can say sports and dashing. Additionally, it has a style oscillating between serious and easily comprehensible.

What was the piece that you liked most? 

The dark black skinny jean that I wore little earlier. I think I liked it a lot simple and nice. 

How does this model, who carries the world-wide famous brands, dress?  

Jeans and t-shirt. I think loose, plain and somewhat sports.

Do you have professional principles or &ldquohubris&rdquo?

Before all, the project should be well organized. Because sometimes I confront a mess when I go for a project. Sometimes people may not be aware of what they are doing. Or we confront ambiguous details waiting for clarification. Hubris? A good hotel room should be assigned for my accommodation. (Smiling)

Do you want to change anything in your life? Have you ever tried?

No, never. But I do not know, maybe in the future there will be moments that I think this. Right now, I am pretty happy with myself. I want to continue at this job. Working as a model is fine. 

Sedef Delen said &ldquoI think, we have been getting one step forward with each catalog work of Climber. All our models were excellent, but Cesar was the best of them. He makes a true top-model impression with his outlook, his exposition, and his professionalism&rdquo 

&ldquoClimber has been succeeding a more androgenic view at every new collection and growing stronger in terms of plates. If we call it younger, it makes an even stronger impression. I think, Climber is hitting a firm and proper path.&rdquo


&ldquoWe became more androgenic and more masculine with this collection of CLIMBER, and this stance suited very well. Our model had also been chosen in accordance with this stance and there is no difference between us and the world-wide known companies in terms of face.&rdquo